Information for students and parents

Posted: September 19, 2012

Students in Per. 01 have been given their student information sheets to be completed and returned by Friday Sept. 21st.  Some students still have not returned signed media consent forms.  Those who have not returned one have been given another form to be signed and returned asap.Per. 1 and Per. 2 students are completing various assignments using Adobe Photoshop.Per. 3 Metals Fabrication students are completing the required safety components prior to our entering the shop.  Reminder:  students need CSA approved steel toed boots/shoes and CSA approved safety glasses with clear lenses. Tinted will not be accepted in my shop.Per. 6 Biology 113 students have finished Unit 1:  Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco and had a unit test yesterday.  We will be beginning the next unit "The Nature of Living Things" today.