Biology 122 Midterm

Posted: April 18, 2011

Be sure to go over the following syndromes, Turner's, Edward's,  and XXY Also, here is a point form version of the female reproductive cycle   -FSH is released from the pituitary and stimulates follicles -Follicles mature and produce estrogen -Estrogen stimulates the endometrium to develop -High levels of estrogen inhibits the release of FSH and promotes the release of LH Ovulation -LH causes the follicle to rupture releasing the egg -LH causes the ruptured follicle to develop into the corpus luteum -The CL releases estrogen to maintain the endometrium and progesterone which prevents uterine contractions Corpus Lutuel stage -If fertilization does not occur, LH levels drop, the CL breaks down, progesterone and estrogen levels fall Flow phase -Because of low levels of progesterone, uterine contractions are initiated and the endometrium, the egg, blood and tissue leave via the vagina -FSH levels begin to rise-THE END-GOOD LUCK