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Posted: November 27, 2023

Hi everyone, just a note to make sure you are aware, the unit test on reproduction will be this Wednesday, November 29th. Hopefully you all have your reviews....if not there are electronic copies on your teams page in the unit folder and on the school website. 

Posted: November 20, 2023

The unit test on human reproduction will be Wednesday, November 22nd. The review is attached here and is also available on Teams. 

PDF icon human_reproduction_review.pdf75.43 KB

Posted: November 1, 2023

Test results for the "Nervous System" are now available on PowerSchool. 

Posted: October 31, 2023

Hi everyone, the key terms assignment for the human reproduction unit is due next Tuesday, November 7th at 1:00 pm.

Posted: October 25, 2023

Hi folks, the test review is in the unit 2 folder on the nervous system. There are also video lessons for the entire unit if you would like to review the lessons....The test will be next Tuesday October 31st.
PDF icon nervous_system_review.pdf59.54 KB

Posted: October 12, 2023

Hi folks, just a reminder that the second unit test on cell theory will be Tuesday October 17th. If you do not have a copy of the review provided in class, it is also available in the unit 1 folder "Cell Theory" labelled "Cell Theory Test Review B" on your teams page. The test review is also available as an attachment to this note. Have a great long weekend. 

PDF icon cell_theory_test_b_review.pdf52.03 KB

Posted: October 5, 2023

Please be advised that I have posted video lessons on our Teams page for the entire unit, check them in the unit folder.

Posted: September 21, 2023

Unit test on cell theory part A will be Tuesday, September 26. The test review can be found on your Teams page in the unit 1 folder.

Posted: September 19, 2023

The unit test on the Endocrine System will be rescheduled for Tuesday, September 26th as there is an awards ceremony during period 4 this Thursday, September 21st.  

Posted: September 19, 2023

Due date is Thursday, September 21st. 


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