122 Homework for Monday

Posted: November 4, 2010

Complete your close reading of the Article of the Week. Complete the questions for Act IV Scene V Act IV Scene V    Answer in complete sentences with supporting evidence. 1. What do we learn about the state of Gertrude's soul in her aside? What does this say about how she has responded to Hamlet's accusations and recommendations in 3.4?  2. The court assumes Ophelia's madness is caused by her father's death. Judging from her songs, are they correct? Is that the only thing that has made her mad? What else is on her mind and coming to the surface in her madness? 3. What is Laertes' approach to revenging his father's death? How does it compare to Hamlet's? How much support does he have? Whom does he initially blame? 4. What is being threatened as Laertes enters? How well does Claudius handle this emergency? 5. How does Laertes respond to mad Ophelia? What offer does Claudius make to get his discussion with Laertes back on track?