English 122 Homework For Tuesday

Posted: April 21, 2011

Complete the folowing questions on Act 5 Scene 3:   1.     Account for the death of:   ·        Gloucester ·        Regan ·        Goneril ·        Cordelia ·        Lear ·        Kent     2.     In the midst of all the other tragedies in the play, Cordelia’s death seems especially stunning.  Discuss the following four points in connection to her death.   a)    Her death seems cruel because she is almost a faultless character. b)    Her death is an unjustified murder. c)     The tragedy is overwhelming because of the dramatic and visual impact of her death. d)    The horror of her death is magnified by its effect on Lear.   3.     How are Gloucester’s and Lear’s deaths similar?   4.  What strikes Kent as remarkable about Lear’s death?