Kilimanjaro Questions - Due Monday

Posted: September 30, 2010

Answer the following questions with supporting evidence from the text.   1. What is the theme of the story? Discuss. Do you disagree or agree with Hemingway? 2. The story contains two levels of narrative: Harry's dialogues with Helen and his stream of consciousness. Discuss each of the five flashbacks. What elements do each contain? 3. Why did Harry go on the safari? 4. a. Descibe Harry. Describe Helen. b. What kind of relationship do they have? Be specific. 5. Hemingway uses symbols throughout the story. What do each of the following represent: a. leopard b. mountain/plains c. hyena d. Helen 6. The cause of Harry's death is ironic. Discuss. 7. Hemingway uses three physical details to describe the approach of death. What are they?