Nov. 6 - 10

Posted: November 6, 2023

**General Reminders**: Math Help Center is open Monday to Thursday at lunch from 12:25-12:55. These topics continue to build on one another so make sure you are staying caught up and getting the help as you need it. If you miss time, you are responsible to get caught up on everything you missed! All lessons, homework, and videos of the lessons are posted in class notebook on TEAMS everyday!


Monday- Chapter 1 Review

Tuesday- Chapter 1 Review Day 2

Wednesday - Chapter 1 Unit TEST

Thursday - Section 2.1 - Power, base, exponent, repeated multiplication and determine whether a power will be positive or negative

Friday - Section 2.1 Continued - Writing a given number as a power. 


Monday- Section 6.2 - Balancing equations (rearranging an equation to solve for a variable when there are variables on both sides of the equal sign) & getting rid of denominators. 

Tuesday- Section 6.2 - continued - getting rid of brackets

Wednesday - Midunit Review on Section 6.1 & 6.2 

Thursday - Midunit QUIZ

Friday - Section 6.3 Introduction to Inequalities