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Stay safe and healthy! Miss you all!

Posted: April 6, 2020


Hi everyone! We are going to be starting some home learning and I have decided to use Microsoft Teams as our platform. If you open your student email, you should find an email inviting you to our class "Team". I attached instructions to access your school email to this note. 




Once you get the link, you can join the Team. Teams can be accessed through a web browser or through the Teams App.




Let me know if you have trouble accessing this by emailing me at:




Here's how things will go (for now, because as we know, this is a very fluid situation we are in):


  1.  Every Monday on Teams I will post some instructions for the week.
  2.  You will have some recommended tasks to complete, along with always trying to find time to read/write each day!
  3.  Every Friday we will try to meet as a class on Teams. This will be a video conference call just to check in on each other and discuss our week.


Let's get started! Find your way into your school email (instructions attached) and try to access Teams. When you get to our class Team, you will find your Week 1 Instructions and we will be able to communicate! 




I can't wait to hear from all of you! I miss you! 


Posted: January 9, 2020

Exam review materials will be posted next week. If you are looking for materials to start preparing for the exam now, your tests are a great place to start!! Get all your old quizzes and tests together and begin looking those over to see what you still know and what you need to review. 

If you come across a topic that you know you need to review a lot for or maybe you missed a big part of a unit and need extra practice, YouTube has a lot of great videos explaining all the topics that we have covered. 

Feel free to add me and message me on Remind App if you run into any questions that you want me to help you with. (Parents are welcome to join this as well - information is below.)

For Math 9- text @mvhsmath9 to (506)802-9315 or in the app you can use @mvhsmath9 as the class code.

For GMF- text @mvhsgmf10 to (506)802-9315 or in the app you can use @mvhsgmf10 as the class code.

For NRF- text @mvhsnrf10 to (506)802-9315 or in the app you can use @mvhsgmf10 as the class code.

Posted: October 22, 2019

See attached topics and suggested review questions.

PDF icon math_9_oct._22.pdf429.87 KB

Posted: October 21, 2019

Math 9 - Discussed powers of products and powers of quotients. Quiz on laws of exponents tomorrow.

GMF 10 - Finished In-class assignment from last week. Tomorrow we will start new unit on Angles.

NRF 10 - Reviewed for test. TEST is tomorrow on prime factors, expanding, simplifying, factoring by GCF, simple trinomial, hard trinomial, difference of squares, perfect square trinomials, and grouping. 

Progress reports have all been given out with my contact information on them. I ask that they each be signed and returned to me. 

Extra help is EVERY Monday - Thursday at lunch AND after school.

Posted: October 2, 2019

Math 9 - We continued to review for the test that is TOMORROW. Students can come see me tomorrow before 1st period to check their answers on the review booklets.

GMF 10 - We practiced some word problems. Students should be preparing for their test on FRIDAY.

NRF 10 - Lesson attached. We have been practicing expanding and simplifying polynomials.

PDF icon gmf_oct_2.pdf1.18 MB
PDF icon nrf_oct._2.pdf1.03 MB

Posted: October 2, 2019

Math 9 - Students should be studying and reviewing for their test on Thursday.

GMF 10 - Today we practiced converting units of liquid measurement. Lesson attached. TEST FRIDAY

NRF 10 - Today we practiced expanding polynomials after doing a quiz on prime factorization. Lesson attached.

PDF icon gmf_oct._1.pdf1.82 MB
PDF icon nrf_oct_1.pdf409.95 KB

Posted: September 30, 2019

Math 9 - See lesson attached. Complete homework questions 3 & 4 on page 140.

GMF 10 - Started volume and capacity. Students should be able to find the volume of 3D objects. By finding the volume and using conversions they will be able to find the capacity (how much) the object can hold. Volume worksheet for homework.

NRF 10 - Reviewed prime factorization and rules for using prime factors to determine a GCF and LCM. Began collecting like terms, expanding & simplifying. Homework sheet handed out. Quiz tomorrow on prime factorization, GCF and LCM.

PDF icon math_9_sept._30.pdf2.04 MB
PDF icon nrf_sept_30.pdf1.24 MB

Posted: September 26, 2019

Math 9 - Today we practiced BEDMAS with integers. Students do not have homework, however they do have a lot of practice questions that they can work on if they feel they are struggling and need more practice.

GMF 10 - Lesson attached. Please see homework on the last slide # 1 and 2.

NRF 10 - Lesson attached. Handout was provided for homework. Questions are listed on the last slide.

PDF icon gmf_sept_26.pdf1.91 MB
PDF icon nrf_sept._26.pdf1.61 MB

Posted: September 25, 2019

Math 9 - See lesson attached.

GMF 10 - Wrote a quiz and then were given a worksheet to practice surface area for the remainder of class. Anyone who missed the quiz will be expected to write tomorrow during class.

NRF 10 - Wrote a unit test. Anyone who missed will be expected to write tomorrow during class.

PDF icon math_9_sept._25.pdf633.97 KB

Posted: September 24, 2019

Math 9 - See lesson attached

GMF 10 - See lesson attached. Lesson closed without saving part way through so the beginning of the lesson does not have any work shown. Sorry for the inconvenience. Quiz tomorrow on conversions (metric to imperial, squared, cubed, word problems). There won't be any surface area of 3D shapes on it.

NRF 10 - Study for test tomorrow. Practice. All answer keys are attached in yesterday's post on my teacher page.

PDF icon math_9_sept._24.pdf2.21 MB
PDF icon gmf_sept_24.pdf2.11 MB