LA 9

Posted: October 14, 2015

Snapshot Moment AssignmentYour snapshot moment drafts have been returned with feedback, and the final version is due on Monday, October 19. The assignment must be typed and double-spaced, or written on white paper with pen.Please follow the correct name and date format (see attached document)10% will be deducted for each day late.Writer's NotebookYour writer's notebook will be collected next week, so please make sure your quick writes are in it and it is organized into the proper sections. See me if you need help with the sections.Reading Last week I went over your reading expectations for the semester: 1. Reading Goal: You were asked to set a challenging reading goal for yourself that you have until mid January to   complete. It could be to read books outside of your comfort zone, complete an entire series of books, or read a certain number of books. 2. Reading Reflections: for three of the novels you complete this semester, you need to complete a reading reflection. You have the four possible reading reflection assignments now, and you can can pick any one you want for each completed novel. We will be going over these in class so you are comfortable doing them. Due dates for the reading reflections are: November 6, December 11 and January 18. 
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