FINAL Journal Entry

Posted: January 10, 2017

On Wednesday, we will be in the computer lab to begin working on final project presentation/summary video.  Since these will summarize what you will be doing over the next couple weeks, I have decided to make the last journal entry a reflection journal that EACH STUDENT MUST COMPLETE INDIVIDUALLY and link their responses in their project static page. I will be marking this one out of 20 and it will be an individual mark.  I suggest completing the journal in word and then upload to the MakerSpace website. 

Be sure to complete and answer the descriptive in your responses!

1)  What was your highlight moment/event of the semester in this course?

2)  What did you find most frustrating about the course?

3)  This course is designed to apply the 4 C's...discuss whether you have developed in each of these areas:


4)  Now that the course is near completion, what is one (or more) key take away(s) from the course.

5)  Include a video clip and/or picture that showcases your contribution to the course.

NOTE:  This journal entry will be due MONDAY, JANUARY 16TH