Journal 3 - December 8th, 2016 - Devon & Timmy

Posted: December 8, 2016


-This week in the Makerspace we worked on the 2016 MVHS Drag Team Logo, the original image wouldn't work with our vnyl cutting software because of the glare that was on the pistons on the original image.  We went to Mr. Whalen for help, he used Adobe Illistrator to re-create the image in a monochrome version of the image so it would work when we went to cut it, but we decided to change the logo to a Cragar wheel on a Radial T/A tire and 2016 MVHS Drag Team written in white letters on the tire.  We also tested a few different heat transfer prints and tried them on coffee mugs.  We found out that we needed to keep the pressure and heat on the coffee (suramic) mug for 60 seconds at the temperature of 305 degrees celcius to keep the image from peeling off in the dishwasher.  After we found that out, Mr. Whalen asked us to put three different images on three different mugs, so we did.  We are almost to the point of making this into a assembly line.