River Valley Science Fair...projects shown at STEM Fair

Posted: April 1, 2016

Congratulations to the groups that participated in the North Shore Regional STEM Fair at JMH on Tuesday - Wil/Zach;  Ben/Eric; Dylan/James/Gui.  It was a great day for everyone who participated.  Next up is an opportunity to participate in River Valley Science Fair held at UNB Fredericton on April 15.  Because of travel challenges, ASD-North does not coordinate travel for this event.  However, we will make arrangements to make sure you are able to participate if interested.
Here is some more information on going further with your STEM projects...
  • Registration Deadline for the event is April 8.
  • This event requires a Written Report submitted when the project is registered (an sample report can be found here... http://www.exposciencesnb.ca/sample.asp).
  • Project has a maximum of 2 students.
All info for River Valley Science Fair can be found on their website...  http://secure.youthscience.ca/sfiab/rivervalley/