2016 3D Printed Phone Cases Ryersan & Patrick

Journal 1 Project Proposal

Journal 2. What is a makerspace? 


A makerspace is a creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to create, invent, and learn. In libraries they often have 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies and tools, it is a very new way of learning the new technology’s that the future has to offer such as 3D printing, GoPros etc.. We are very blessed to have a course that offers us with guidance and also free roam to explore such new technology’s

What technology did you find most interesting and why?

Ryersan and i found 3D printing to be the most intriguing because of the versitlity the 3D printing technolgy has to offer. You can make anything you ever want with a 3D printer you just need to know how to use it. Ryersan and i both hope to further our expertice with the 3D printer so that we can make and create whatever comes to mind.

What is your project idea?

Mine and Ryersans idea is to use the 3D printer that our makerspace has to offer to create 3D printed cell phone cases that we could customize to anything that we desire. We hope that with this technology that we can create an almost business like project where we could offer orders for whatever you want on the phone case you order

What is your first task when we start working in the lab on Monday?


Ryersan and I think that a great place to start with our project is to find the dimensions to our desired phones. We hope with this information we could continue to research the software’s and materials we will need to further our progress in the project. The materials that will help us achieve very precise measurements is a caliper because it helps with the very small and exact numbers we will need to get this project going.

Journal 3

This week in the Maker lab we started our projects with the technologies that we chose. For Ryersan and i that meant we started to get our 3D printed phone cases underway, to begin with we thought it would be a good idea to mesure out the width, height and also the depth. 

To do this we thought a capliper would be a great tool to mesure with becasue it gets to the exact MM that we wanted. After mesuring we jotted down the results for our respective phones (mine being an IPhone6s+ and Ryersans being the IPhone 5c) 

After this we figured out that it will be harder to recreate the actual look of the phone in a 3D editing software because the phone isn't straight like a rectangle, it's sides are rounded almost like a Twinkie. We still haven't thought of a way to get around this but we will keep brainstoming so that we can get it to look the exact same.

Next Ryersan and I brainstormed what to do next, with the help of Mr Hallihan we started to do research into 3D editing softwares like "TinkerCad" or "Google Sketchup". So we decided to make an account on the editing software known as "TinkerCad" and started to get into it.

The first thing that we did with the software was look for a tutorial so that we could get a basic grasp on how to work it. Once we found the tutroial Ryersan and I both took turns on practicing each task the software gave us like making a keychain for example. After 4 or 5 exercises the class ended so we had to stop working.

Ryersan and I would both like to get a little more practice with the 3D editing software so that we can figure out how to recreate the phones using the mesurements that we recoreded earlier on in the week. We both plan to keep honing our skills over the weekend so that once we come back to school on monday we will be ready to give out phone case design a go.

Journal 4.


This week in Mr. Hallihan's MAKE 120 class we progressed further to our goal of being able to 3D print phone cases for our desired phones. We started off to a slow start because the computers in Ms. Pleadwells weren’t compatible with the tinkcad software that pivotal to designing and creating our phones cases. We solved this problem by going to room 5206 and took three computers from that room and set them up in the lab in Ms. Pleadwells rooms.


After setting up the three towers we got to work with the tinkercad software by completing the remaining stages we had on the tutorial. After that we still weren’t totally comfortable with starting our design for the phone cases, so to get more experience we decided to create a design that we made from scratch. The end product was a pyramid that we customized with our own initials ( R.B for Ryersan, P.M for me, and C.A for Cole who was helping us out for the day) We also put "MAKE" on it.


We had a little trouble saving the file under a stl. file, our computer wasn’t saving it under the proper format so that we could plug it into the software that allows us to 3D print what we created. To solve this we figured out that our computer didn’t have to permissions do open the file that we needed so we used a computer with more administrative powers, after we solved this Mr. Hallihan taught us how to load the file into the software that the 3D printer uses. We then converted it into a "G-File" and then saved it to a SD card.


We plugged the card into the printer and started to print. It took the rest of the day but when we came back the next day there was our pyramid that we made looking exactly how we designed it.





Journal 5

This week in the makerspace Ryersan and i started to try and figure out how we are going to start making the case and we ran into some trouble. we noticed that tinkercad doesn't have a feature that allows us to use rounded shapes, so to try and fix this problem we started to research "how to make round object in tinkercad" we saw a very complicated tutorial on how it was done. 

In this tutorial it showed that you could possibly use other shapes to cut sharp angles into rounded ones, we tried to do this with no avail because we arent as skilled in tinkercad as the guy who made the tutorial. We still have yet to make rounded edges and we hope to be able to by the end of the week. 

Also this week our class traveled to see Alex McLean who is the founder of the local "East Coast Lifestyle" appearle brand, he talked about how he got started with his buisness and all the experiences he had building his brand. on friday we also went to see the Kinsmen presentation which talked about how it is important to volunteer and explained all the benefits and how it can really help someone in need,

This upcoming week we hope to finally figure out how to make our case and we also hope that we can finish it aswell, we also will be starting a tinkercad project where we will be making keychains.