#2016 project #2 (cole)


 journal #2 

this week I worked on my dsign and did more test printing.  I started to research and discover new types and colors of fillament for the printer to get a better print.  On wednesday the university of moncton sent some people to observe and ask questions about our makerspace.  they asked me question about my previous project and how that will help me with my current one.  Also they asked me qeustions that also made me realize some potential flaws with my design and plans.


December 8th 2016 Journal #3

This week i completed a design that was the proper sizing of what the final product would be at the end.  when it was being printed something went wrong and it appeared that the printer started air printing after the first few layers.  the new filament that was ordered arived and i will be using the new ABS transparent fillament.  the printing settings have to be researched because i have only printed with PLA and it appears that ABS must have a higher temperature and has more varibales when printing.  On wednesday we did hour of code and i did the coding with karol moduel lesson. on thursday I journaled.  Friday I plan to do more reasearch and testing with the 3D printer.

december 22nd 2016 journal #4

There was a 3 day week last week due to snow days and on those days i changed my design to fit on the workplane of the printer and made the space for the lighting slightly bigger for more work space during installation.  we continued testing the new filaments with different temperature and speeds. the mosty common issue was the printer clogging up on the extruder and catching onto the print and moving it.  this monday the 3d printing people stayed in the makerspace and worked on trouble shooting with rafts and extruder issues on a keychain.  my light bar was printed but came out with flarred ends and it fell apart between layers and snapped in my hands. tuesday i once again chamged the size of my design to fit the battery pack and made my own circular raft on tinkercad instead of on mattercontrol.  wednesday i was absent and i journaled thursday.