!!!2017 3D Printed Fishing Rod

Journal #2

Over the past little while i have been doing a lot of development and in that I have been working on a couple different projects. i have been working on the fishing rod still, but still there have been a few hicups here and there. as for my second project i have been working on a model of a gmc typhoon (the vehicle that i own). hopefully i will get these projects done.

Journal #1

It has been pretty busy for the 3d printer and myself, I have done 3 prints all with different outcomes, first of all i made lance louie a fake credit card for a toy and he absolutley loved it. I did two prototypes in tinker cad, both failed but in different ways. the first fishing rod didn't print right because of the design and the other print worked perfect untill i tried to screw it together, the threads didn't line up. I have some pictures to upload later in the week


Project Proposal