!2017 3D Printing and Scanning shane

Oct 25th- alot has happened since my last journal. when i left of the last one i just scanned my head but was having trouble getting it onto the computer the way we got around this was by using a different wifi for the ipad to email the scan to Mr. Hallihan who then forwarded it to me. the next thing i did was put my scan in a program called autodesk meshmixer wich ive had many crashing related problems when i tried to use the autofill feature, i got around this by using a head model already in the program and just alligned it inside mine to fill holes.after finishing the head model i exported it and put it back into tinkercad. there was some slight problems doing this though because there was holes that appeared on my torso so my work around was to take a half sphere and shape it so it resembled a torso then positioned it to fix the problem. when i finished everything i exported one more time and put it into makerbot to get it ready to print, it had to be resized so i exported it again and put it into makerbot, this time it was the right size so i saved it and started the print




sept 25 2017

project proposal

sept 29 2017- journal 1