!2017 Environmental Buttons

October 25, 2017 Journal #3

These past few weeks I have been creating my own designs for my environmental buttons. I wanted to make designs for the buttons to make people more aware, and help the environment. So far I came up with three different designs. Problems I had while making the buttons was that I made the designs too big so when I made the buttons the design was cut off. I fixed this problem by getting templates off the internet to draw my designs on so that the design will be the right size and they wouldn’t get cut off. Another problem I had was when the designs were photocopied and printed out the colors were faded. To fix this problem I jest colored over the top of it and they looked better and they weren’t faded. 

Oct. 4 - Journal #2


For the past few weeks I have been watching videos on how to use the Flex1000 button maker and learning how to use it. I had been making 2-1/4'' buttons for orange shirt day, there was 6 different designs for the buttons and I had made 67 buttons in total. Struggles that I had with this while working with the Flex1000 is that I couldn't get it to push down hard enough and the buttons were not sticking together. I found that if I pressed down on the handle 2 or 3 times then the buttons would stick together better. Another problem I had was with the design cutter, if I just press down on the handle the blade won't go down all the way and it won't cut the paper. I have to press down on the center of it and spin it around without the handle if I want it to cut correctly.


Oct. 3 - Journal #1

Project Proposal