! 2017 High Altitude Balloon

Nov. 5 YouTube Channel

Mvhs Hab

Oct. 30 Pi Weather Station


Oct. 25 Journal Entry #3


Parachute test 1

Parachute test 2

Sense Hat/Raspberry Pi

We have made significant progress since our last online journal. We have tested the battery life of the cameras and our battery pack which was a success. We found out that they would have no problems with the temperature and duration of the flight. We also tested the SpotGen3 off of school property which worked just as it should. Also, we 3D printed off a case to protect the 360Fly on impact by holding it in place. We also now have successful communication with the Sense Hat on the Raspberry Pi after using a new formatted micro SD card. We now just need the programming. Also, we have tested the parachute of the module, this was successful.

Oct. 17 Coding


Oct. 11 SpotGen3 Test


Sept. 29 Journal Entry #2

Progress Report

 Not too much notable progress so far. Our Raspberry Pi 3 is having difficulties sensing the Sense Hat, which we are troubleshooting. We are also working on printing 3D legs to protect the 360Fly during descent, but the 3D printing machine broke. The Raspberry Pi 3 isn't reading the Sense Hat but the connection is fine. We tried a different Sense Hat and updating the Raspberry Pi but had no success. We are potentially looking at reprogramming the Raspberry Pi from scratch.

Sept.25 Journal Entry #1

Project Proposal