!! 2017 Hot Stuff

Dec 22 Journal Entry #3

From our latest update, we had accomplished various tasks in our project. Our cup has been painted with a heat resistant black paint. The three coats of paint stick well on our thermos. With heat press reaching a total of 305°F, the paint has various scuffs and lines from the pressing. Our cup has multiple decals that have been cut out of heat vinyl. The silhouette program is used to design the desired designs. The decals consist of the two Miramichi Valley logos (the circle emblem and the "M" with a "V" in the center), and the "Hot Stuff" project title. Also, we are thinking of adding our names to the cup to cover some open space. With our thread prints, we have little to no success. We have designed and printed a different locking system. With a sliding mechanism, the build will be easier with its simplicity. The two sliding prints are practical and functional. We had various test prints in which we had printed a small ring to fit the bottom of the cup. with these test prints, he won't have issues with measuring and converting them to Tinkercad. We may have to integrate a locking system for the slide may not fit tight. Our battery arrangement is a combination circuit; four 9v batteries. They are paired in series to double the voltage, and those pairs compete for a parallel circuit. Also, our dial for regulating heat had stopped working. Luckily, we have a backup. After the beak, hopefully, we have some success with our project and steer us to completion. 


Dec 5 Journal Entry #2

Our Hot Stuff project is coming along quickly. We had started with a double insulated thermos. After removing the bottom of the cup with a bandsaw, we had sandblasted it. The cup is primed and ready for paint. We are looking to add vinyl to the exterior in the future. We had made and printed a large scale hinge system that will allow our bottom compartment to swing open. Our first male thread print had been deformed at the bottom due to the print not being flat on the bed. With a slight sanding on the inside, our second print has fit on the bottom of the cup. Our induction heating component has arrived and works well with the power regulator. We had tinkered with our battery power and arrangement; this will soon be perfected.


Nov 16 Journal Entry #1

Project proposal