##2017 Interactive painting

June 5th- Journal #4

May 15 - Journal #3 

March 30 - Journal #2

March 13th 2017- Online Journal Entry #1:

Over the past two weeks, our group has been working on ways to figure out how to use LED lights for our interactive painting project. We’ve downloaded the Bluefruit app onto our phones, so that we could control the adafruit flora board using our phones, since it connects via Bluetooth. We still haven’t fully understood how to use the app yet, but we’ve been watching videos to understand better. We also worked with Emily and Joshua to better understand the vinyl cutter, since they are working with the Cameo vinyl cutter. We partially learned how to use the vinyl cutter and how to use the transfer tape with stencil vinyl. Our project idea at the start was to have a canvas painting of rain with a girl underneath it holding an umbrella, but we have narrowed it down to a more Canadian topic and chose to take Mr. Hallihan’s advice and do the CN tower with led lights.



February 28th 2017- Bluetooth device link

February 20th 2017- Project proposal