##2017 Live Video Feed Redbot

Journal #3

The past few weeks have been quite a success for us. We managed to get our USB webcam to work with our Raspberry Pi using the software "motion". We also need a wifi usb dongle to wirelessly transmit video. We also started working on debugging a code to allow us to control our redbot with our Dualshock 4 controller. We have fixed a couple of errors, however there are quite a few other errors that we have not yet figured out. The video feed has a 2-6 second delay which is likely a hardware issue and may require some Linux libraries to be added to work around that. Additionally we have managed to set up the connection from the Dualshock 4 controller but we are currently attempting to either create a program that supports bluetooth and the ps4 controller at the same time.

Video of live feed: http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/video/raspberry-pi-live-video-feed

Images: http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/gallery/journal-3

Links: http://blog.tkjelectronics.dk/

Journal #2

Over the past couple of weeks we had to work on many different projects. We managed to connect our ps4 controller to the dongle on our redbot, however we were not able to communicate with the main arduino board via the ps4 controller. There was no evidence of data transmission, meaning that there was a problem in either the TX and RX connections or a problem in the code. Next we tried to work with our raspberry pi, and got a new USB webcam to use with it, however we were unable to get the camera to work with the raspberry pi 2, so we ordered a new raspberry pi 3. While waiting for the raspberry pi 3, we received our sumo bots and began to construct them. We are currently finishing up the basic builds and will soon begin coding the robots.

Images: http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/gallery/journal-2

Base code for Sumobot: http://forums.parallax.com/discussion/142238/sumobot-basic-competition-code

Sumobot demo video: https://twitter.com/MVHS_ROV/status/850084423764725765

Project proposal: http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/document/live-video-feed-redbot-project-proposal

Journal #1

This week we decided to use bluetooth to connect the raspberry pi and the Android device. Also, we will be using bluetooth to connect the game controller to the motors on our Redbot. We attempted to establish a connection between the raspberry pi and the raspicam module to have a video feed display on our TV monitor. We downloaded raspbian onto our raspberry pi board, however we had quite a few errors when it came to installing a media player onto the raspberry pi. We were unsuccessful in connecting the raspicam camera module to the raspberry pi, it detected the module, but it could not produce an image.

Relevant links: http://raspi.tv/2013/how-to-make-a-standalone-camcorder-from-your-raspberry-pi-and-raspicam