##2017 Mate ROV

May 12-

 In the past few weeks we have been undecided on our second projects, but we were still finishing up the rov by making sure that everything worked. We had also did a test dive and we were more successful than the first time but we still had a problem… the rov would not come back up from being underwater. After that test dive we had nothing to do because we hadn’t decided our second project. Mr hallihan had mentioned that we might be able to do racing drones, but in the end that was not an option as another group was already working with drones.



March 30-

Over the past 2 weeks we found out problems that were cause the ROV to not work at its full potential. In this case we found out that we have to unwire and find different locations for the wires. We have also been learning different skills that we need in order to rewire the ROV such as soldering, how to heat shrink, and how to feed wires through small areas. Recently we have been working on getting those wires through the pipes of the ROV and meet them all at the same area for the tether to be free from edges and move smoothly without getting caught. We found it to be challenging at first when we took the ROV apart and the wires were a little short of the meeting point. But we pulled it off by wiring extra wires on the ones that are too short.



Feb. 22 - Project Proposals