!2017 Mintypi RP0

Oct 25th Journal #3

So far with our project, Robbie and I have learned a lot about 3D printing, Rasberry Pi, as well as we learned how to solder for our project. Becuase our class didnt have a 3D printer for a few days we got some of our parts printed at max aitken academy, but some of the parts didnt turn out so well, so we used the 3D printer we got for use untill we get our's fixed. Robbie took some pictures on his phone, all the pictures are on this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gn5wq3IaQTVeP2HL2

Sept 29 journal #2

For our project we try to fiugure out how to use the raspberry pi 2 but then we found out we couldnt use the raspberry pi 2 for our project.

So Charlie had to do an excel speard sheet for all the stuff we needed for our project. Excel speard sheet.

Sept 25 journal #1 

Project Propsal