!2017 The Miramichi Experience

Oct 25 Journal Entry#3

so far we've managed to complete the editing of our zipline 360 video.  but recently we have switched of our focus when it comes to what we want to film while we still want to use virtual reality to showcase our work.  We beleived it was time to change the genre of content we want to film and since its getting close to halloween we thought it would be apropiate to dive into the horror genre.  so far we have a plan for what we want to film which is the use of a found footage film technique combined with virtual reality.  some of the troubles we've had to deal with our mostly with schedule restraints but recently time has opened up in our scheduling so we can get back on track with filming.

Oct2 Journal Entry#2

Our project is a  virtual tour of miramichi so for a couple days we were getting ourselves a feel for the equipment we would be using for this project our next was deciding when and where to film.  That is where we ran into are biggest constraint which was making our film schedule line up with our schedule for our day to day lives.  But with some planing and moving things around we managed to fit it all together.

So far we have managed to get a couple of location filmed and under the microscope for editing.  In my opinion the best spot so far that we have filmed from was the zip line in french fort cove.

   We plan to film in more locations in the following days and hope to get a complete promotional video for Miramichi.

 Zipline Video with GoPro

 Sept25 Journal Entry#1

!2017Project Proposal#1