!2017 nick embroidery/heat press

october/25/2017 jurnal entry #3

I have been working on mostly the heat press, as I have done 7 hats, for the drag team, and 12 t-shirts for mr. whalen. i enjoy the heat press but it is almost done for me, as for my next project only time will tell

september/29/2017 jurnal entry #2

Over the past week I have been working with the singer xl 400 in order to embroider t-shirts and sweatshirts when I am adiquitley trained, it is a very big learning curve. although its not easy i am finally starting to figure it out, i had my first print yesterday, it didn't turn out but im calling it a sucsess! I could see myself having a future in embroidery and the clothing business so im going to keep working hard at it.


september/25/2017 jurnal entry #1

project proposal