!2017 OculusRift

Jurnal entry #3 Oct 24- I started using DeoVR so whenever you want to watch 360 videos or your own you have to connect it to deo by copying and pasting the link into the app. Some games or apps won't work on oculus becuase of the windows software update is out of date and needs updating to continue ex minecraft on oculus store. We had troubles with out sensors at one point and though of putting both of them onto the celing for the biggest play space possible but never did we have them on each end of the desk and theres about 3x3 feet of playing space. We still had a few connectivity issues but got it solved by connecting to the right wifi and having to put in a new code in evey beginning of the week but nobody else can be connected to the same. I was thinking of trying to make by own horror experience by videoing and editing videos that i made and playing/watching other horror games on the VR. We play on steam as well has much more of a viriety of games for VR and alot of them are free or have a nice free demo to it, we had some games that are educational like surgery or the body anatomy. I tried mulitplayer games and was acually playing and walked around with of people playing games and even talking with them. You can connect a 

Jurnal entry #2 Oct 4- We found that you had to be connected to a specific wifi to run oculus app and to even play games.

Jurnal entry#1 Oct 3- When we first got on it was working and I got to try the tutorial and play around once you know the controls its very fun but then we made a makersplace account for oculus but never started working and took awhile to find the problem.

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