!2017 RetroPie Arcade

Oct.25th 2017 Journal Entry #3

i had a lot of trouble for a long time, from incorrect wiring to needing to code something, after a few failed attempts we ordered a usb encoder for the pi (which enabled buttons and joysticks to work without coding) on my first attempt with the new encoder it worked. i was able to get my buttons and joysticks working perfectly! (Wiring) after that i finished painting the actual arcade, soon enough the buttons and joystick will be in!

Sept. 29th 2017 Journal Entry #2

I havent had much progress on my project lately, i searched everywhere for tutorials on how to set up the joystick and nothing has shown.  Something i have been working on is the controller stand, i have found multiple different versions and i will be printing one off soon and attaching it to the arcade.  I also 3d printed off a case for my raspberry pi but i will have to redo it due to a slight problem

Sept.25 Journal Entry #1

Project Proposal