!2017 Under Water Lighting


Project Summary 10/6/2017 : do to congestion in the top half of the the underwater drone i had to find a different route, So now im going down the support beam thats at the front where i have installed the t8 Base Lamp Holder. it's now very clear and easy to feed the wire through the bottom half of the prototype. as you can see in this link (here). Next problem to tackle is feeding my wire throught the teather i dont have enough wire as is right now but on the other hand. The last step is simple and easy ill have it hooked up by the end of this weekend. there will be 4 batterys ,two being completely for each seperate circuit each one containing a 6 volt charge powered by alkiline containing a seperate junction with a standard light switch to turn on & off the lights .Making it overal more safe due to all the connections being seperate.





project proposal