!2017 Vinyl Cutting

Oct. 25th-Journal #3

In the last few weeks we finished 33 teacher signs for Nelson Rural School and a crest for their podium. Our first problem was the fact that we made the measurements for the signs wrong and had to recut them. Our second problem was trying to align the yellow shield with the red outlining. In the end we decided to take out the other rim of the crest, which made transferring it easier and it looks better. And our third problem was figuring out the sizes for the font. You can see how we had to change the sizing for smaller names compared to longer ones.

Throughout the last week, we had a teacher from Colombia named Frank help us finish making the signs. It was nice having 3 sets of hands instead of 2. We completed cutting out the names of the all teachers and placing everything on the signs in about 5 days. You can see our work here.


Sept. 29th-Journal #2

In the first two weeks I have figured out how to use the vinyl cutter to print out the Nelson Rural School crest for their teacher’s signs. Using the vinyl cutter was easy, it was trying to remove the very detailed design and placing it in the perfect spot that was difficult. I ended up changing the design slightly, and instead of having white pages on the book and a white feather I will make it yellow taking out an extra color needed for that design. This will help cut down on time and make everything more efficient. While I was doing this, I did a practice cut of their Raiders logo for their Academic Excellence Banner, and I started working on my design for my vinyl mural. You can click here to see the images.

Also, in the last few days I had been printing out stickers for the catapult Alex and Matthew made for the pumpkin fling, just to help customize it.

Sept. 25th- Journal #1

Project Proposal