!2017 vinyl heat pressing

Oct.31 - Journal #3

I took the my 150 heat transfer project on 12 shirts for Mr.whalen, i had quite a few problems with it but overall i overcame them and learned along the way the things i do and dont, the shirts came out very good and Mr.whalen loved them. now im starting a athlete of the year signs for nelson middle school for every year since the 70s starting today


Oct.10 - Journal #2 

I took this project on so i could learn first hand how to make my own logo onto clothing. So far i have been succesful besides the odd problems with the vinyl itself, i have realized that i should inspect and flatten out the vinyl before i put it through the cutter otherwise it wont cut completly. my design is finished and im satisfied with the overall comeout of it and i am Know ready to start pressing onto clothing.


Oct.3 - Journal #1

Project Proposal