!2017- Water Turbine; Mathhew and Alex

Journal entry #3 October 25th, 2017

Since our last journal entry September 29th weve received both of our turbines and we began construction on their housing units. We repurposed an old water bottle to act as a waterproof Led lantern housing and were able to power the Led's using the smaller of the two turbines. We also used a Led strip to create a second, larger lantern.  The test footage can be found here and here. If its not working I uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Also, we soldered the voltage regulator to its leads and encased it in a waterproof housing. We are currently using the larger turbine to create a Pelton wheel. We are in the process of 3D printing the water scoops and will attach them to a bicycle tire which will turn the turbine similar to the attached diagram. The goal is to be able to produce 12V DC continuously and charge a phone. Once the wheel is assembled we will begin testing. All that's left to do with the smaller turbine is connecting the hose to a bucket to allow for a portable gravity-fed mechanism.

Jornal entry #2 September 29, 2017

Started designing a battery bank from solar batteries 4 in series, 2 of those in parallel for 5v @ 2200mah. We wired to the voltage regulator to hold the voltage at 5 volts.

Jornal entry #1; September 25, 2017

Project proposal, supplies will not be delivered until mid-October.