! 2018 3D Printed Phone Amp

March 21


At first all we knew is that we wanted to 3d print, we didn’t know we wanted to do thought.  We went on instructables.com and came across a phone amplifier that looked really cool.  We started off by going on tinkercad.com and messing around with different shapes that we may need for our design.  On the intructables website it showed us how to do the bas of the amp and put the cylinder on it.  We had to measure my iphone so it would fit perfectly for my phone.  After we got the base of the amp down we needed to make it our own.  Using picsvg.com we inserted the MV logo into the side of the bottom and using tinker cad we put our names on each side of it.  We put rings on the top of it also, it was a struggle to put the rings on it but we figured it out by trial and error.  We are almost done we just need to find supports in makerbot to help it stand up.


March 20-project proposal