! 2018 - #3d-printing German, futuristic

Wednesday March 21st 2018

What we did so far?

After we finished the Safety Modules we started collecting project ideas. Our first idea was to transform a regular RC-car into a Bluetooth-controlled RC-car. Since not all of the materials were available, we set this as our 2nd project. (Project Proposal)

Then we thought about 3d-printing as our 1st project. After we finished all the basic classes on Tinkercad, we had the idea to rebuild the Makerspace in small. As we saw that Logan did a project where he has to build a futuristic city, we decided to team up with him and started designing futuristic houses for his city. Lasse is designing the Porsche Museum from his hometown Stuttgart and I am designing another futuristic house from Germany. We did big progresses since we started, though we had quite a few problems with the Tinkercad program.

One of the biggest issues with Tinkercad for us is that you cannot move forwards or backwards. You are only able to turn around one point and that makes it hard to reach other points sometimes. We figured out an easy way to solve this problem. You just have to select all your objects and then move the object you are editing to the middle point. Then you can turn around that specific point. Other issues did just occur because we did not know enough about the program yet. Besides that, the software is pretty easy to understand and we are sure we can soon print our first houses for the city.

Here we added a few pictures of our progress

03/20/18 - project proposal