! 2018-3d printing objects

march 27 2018, failed mold, second atempt, nickname and gamertag

march 27 2018, 

I started by practising on tinkercad and I just learned how to the simple stuff and I just thought of making a mold of something and Mr. Halihan suggested I did a worm for fishing or anything really so I got a picture of a worm and it didn’t look good when I tried to use it because there was always lining in the worm and I didn’t want that so I just used a thick wavy line to do so and it worked so I had to adjust the boxes for the worm, make them smaller, make them fit and I put the insertion hole but it didn’t print it out so I had to drill a hole and the triangular things to put them together they were to big for their holes. When Mr. Halihan brought it home to see if it worked it leaked out from the sides so I’m going to fix it up in tinkercad. And in the meantime while it was printing I made some other thing for me its like a logo kind of deal with my nickname on it.

March 20 2018, project proposal