! 2018 3d printing phone case's

March 20th  Project Proposal.

March 27th,  So far in my project i have 3d printed two phones cases, which did not turn out as i had planned them to be,  i made two designs, for most of my project i learned how to use tinkercad to learn how to make my designs,, for my only two prints so far i used the makerbot, because at the time we did not have the Orion setup yet. Also here is a video showing my first phone case before i printed it 

During the course of the last few weeks we got another 3d printer for our makerspace, me and noah had setup the Orion that had got for our makerspace, noah had helped me calabrate, we had did a test print with it! and heres the video showing that

Here are the pictures of the 3d phone case's i've printed so far!