! 2018-3D Printing Truck

March 29, 2018 

Our project is 3D printing a truck. The idea came to me because we were going to make a Remote Control car but we did not have the materials to do so. So Brett and I decided to 3D print a model car. We started off with a bearing to make the wheels move, but we failed multiple times. The balls in the bearing where not coming out right and the raft was too hard so it was breaking. We tried solving these problems by making the balls bigger, but they were still coming out oddly shaped.

So after all that we decided to move onto just printing the truck with a rod that goes straight into the wheel. We also tried a few different designs before we found the perfect one. First we started by printing just the box of the truck, it came out very well which made us very happy. So we proceeded to finish the truck. One of the biggest problems is we are not working with a heated bed so our truck was starting to warp at the rear end. We are going to try and fix this problem by using a different printer with a heated bed and hopefully it will come out perfect. Also we are going to have to try and make wheels and a rod for them to go onto that spins and makes the truck move forwards and backwards. After all of this is complete, we are hoping to make working doors and turning wheels.


March 20, 2018 Project proposal