! 2018 Ajay and Nathan Outdoor Pursuits Video

May 7th 2018:


Online Journal


Nathan and I decided that for our second project in Makerspace, we would make a video depicting all the attractions of Miramichi. We chose to do this because we sought to try something different. Looking online, we noticed that there were no videos showcasing the great things to do in Miramichi (such as hiking, fishing, boating etc.). This gave way to our proposal. We would use our skills in filming and editing to create a video. We wanted to make this with the best of quality, so we prepared our proposal earlier on allowing us to get permission to order some technology in advance. With the go-ahead given, we ordered the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. This piece of equipment is a handheld smartphone gimbal that allows you to capture scenes with the utmost steadiness and mobility. This would improve our video vastly (in theory). Our plans have been altered each time we think more in depth. Initially, we wanted to make a video showcasing events and places to visit in Miramichi. However, we realized that we didn’t have either the weather conditions to complete the video so we scrapped the idea. We moved on to making an OP promotional video. We felt that this would be very interesting and would also benefit the school. We believed this could be a gateway to making more videos to promote other courses (co-op, leadership, yoga etc.) Nathan and I felt that showing off what takes place in Outdoor Pursuits would encourage students to choose the course as an elective. Now that we had our sights focused on a specific idea, we started capturing footage that could be used within our video. Our first time with the OP students entailed some indoor climbing where they jumped from the balcony railing and climbed down. Watching the footage afterwards told us that we made the right decision. We found that the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 helped tremendously. We continued with this game plan. We also were able to get some film of the students canoeing along with some other activities. Our aim to get some footage from different perspectives and to edit the footage to a high level of quality. We hope to see this project reach its full potential. We will continue to post as we move along with this project and showcase our progress.

Project  2 Proposal