! 2018 Archery VR Unit project

Mar. 21st - I have been using Unity to work on my first VR project. I chose Unity over A-Frame because Unity had more tools to work with and made my job of creating a game easier to manage but it has its disadvantages compared to A-Frame as is the case with how much stress goes to the network. A-Frame is really light on memory due to being open source but because of that it had little to no function. over the past weeks i made multiple projects to test the different aspects of Unity. So in the first project i made I played around with the terrian feature as well as testing different lighting modes. In the secound project I worked on creating trees and how to make branches and leaves on the tree. I used Unity's totorial page to help model the trees. I realized I made a huge mistake and found out that in order to have a project in VR it has to be seperate from projects that dont use VR but because I worked on learning to model trees in the last project I have an easier time working on bigger models.

Pictures - Tree Modeling 1&2

Mar. 20th - Project Proposal