! 2018 Bluetooth Controlled Car

March 21 - Journal Entry #1

For our first project, we decided to modify an old RC car so that it can become controlled through bluetooth. We are using code which we have uploaded to an Arduino Uno Board to direct the motors to perform all the basic functions of a remote-controlled car. To connect a phone to the Arduino Uno Board, we used an HC-06 Bluetooth module, which in return is controlled via an Android app. 

Our first accomplishment was being able to successfully connect the Bluetooth module and be able to turn on and off the lights which we had wired to the Arduino Uno Board.

We have learnt and still are learning how to code Arduino using Java coding, and how to transfer code from the computer to the Arduino board. We have also learnt how to control the Arduino using an app. As of now, we have also become very familiar with circuitry using the breadboard.

The first major problem we ran into was with the motors. When we finally received our last piece, the L293d, and had it wired with all the other components, the motors would just faintly hum but not move.  This is an issue that has still not been resolved.  We believe that the problem is in either the circuitry or the code.

Along with this major problem we have also had some minor problems such as trouble compiling and uploading code, and connections.  However, those were quickly resolved.

The biggest challenge so far was surprisingly not creating the code because we found a copy of the code online and all we had to do was upload it.  The most significant hurdle we had to tackle was the circuitry and even that was not much of a problem.


The Instructable used for our project (Click Here). 


Progress so far:

March 20 - Project proposal