! 2018 - Bluetooth Lamp-Tanner

Journal Entry-May 1st, 2018


For my project I am working on a Bluetooth powered lamp using an Arduino Uno. I started this project by learning the coding language used for Arduino. It is a set of C/C++ functions which is similar to Java which I have worked with before. Because of my background with Java, it was easy for me to pick up and understand this language. I started with a template for lighting up an LED. Once I wired everything to the breadboard, this program worked great. I started manipulating the code and adding things to it. I went from one like turning on and off every second to three lights turning on and off at the same time. After that I used the three lights to work like a stoplight, with one turning off as the other turned on, but using a blue light in place of the yellow light in a stoplight. Once I felt like I knew what I was doing I hooked up the Bluetooth module and downloaded the app so I could connect it to my smartphone. I programmed the LED to turn on and off with my phone. I am now using an RGB LED which is an LED that can change colors to red, blue and green. With different inputs from my phone I can change the colors or make it blink different colors.


I had trouble hooking up my phone to the Bluetooth module. I did research and it turns out that you have to connect to Bluetooth from the Arduino app and not your phone settings. This was a quick solve by searching the web. 


Next I am going to try to apply this to the sign Mr. Hallihan has 3D printed for the Makerspace. This is going to be difficult because of the Arduino board and the size of the sign.