! 2018 Bluetooth RC Car by Lasse and Vincent


Our second project is transforming a regular RC car into a Bluetooth controlled RC car. This project was originally our first idea, but since we had to order most of the parts we put it as our second project. First off, we looked at all the parts we need to order, wrote them down, and sent it to Brilliant Labs. Luckily, they decided to support us, so after we finished 3d- printing, we could start instantly with our second project. Here you can see our project proposal, including a list with all the parts we had to order.

The main target of our project is to control the RC car from our phones and letting the LED’s shine on the left side when we turn left and on the right side when we turn right. It sounds pretty simple but connecting all the wires and LED’s in the car itself might take a while. That is why we hope our RC car arrives soon.

So far, every part of our car arrived except for the RC car itself. On the Instructable it shows us a pattern of how to connect the wires to the components. At the moment we are connecting all the wires on the Breadboard to our Arduino, the H-bridge Motor Driver, the Light-, Temperature- and Humidity Sensors, the Bluetooth Module and the LED-lights. Later on, we are connecting them to the actual car and hoping it works. The pattern and our progress on our breadboard you can see here.