! 2018 Button Maker: Jacob Clarke

Online Journal

So to begin with, I started with the site "peoplepowerpress" and the videos that the site has on their youtube channel. I had to wait a while to get the button press, because Millerton had it on loan and had to give it to the school. After that, I had the teacher do a tutorial for me, as I had no understanding of how to use it. I had a few mistakes with the press because I was forgeting a stage and had to get help again. It was at this point we realized that we had no 2 inch buttons left. Our button press can fit molds for 1 inch and 2 inch thankfully so I didn't worry that much. When I got comfortable, I was given a design by the teacher for the Fly Fishing Club. I made 10 buttons in all and they came out perfectly. After that, I was told to make buttons for the group going to the Maker Fair. I had trouble with those at the beginning but I came out in the end. The back was not sticking into the front as I pressed down so I had to trash the broken buttons.


May 1st, 2018

Project Proposal