! 2018 Davey Smart Mirror

March 21st: Davey & Justin

What we did so far we made an interface of a smart mirror that tells us important information like the time, holidays, and the weather now the problems we had with the mirror was the wifi at school because the network wasn’t allowing us to upgrade our raspbien from raspbien 8 to raspbien 9.  We just took the raspberry pi to Justin’s house where his network allowed it to upgrade.  We also had trouble with our raspberry pi because we had the raspberry pi 2 which wouldn’t allow us to upgrade the raspbien.  We asked Mr. Hallihan if we could use his Raspberry Pi 3 and he said yes so that’s what we are using now.  We had no trouble downloading the smart mirror interface, as we did it at Justin’s house while we were there.  We are almost done now, we are just waiting for the materials to come in, so we can build it.


March 20th: Project Proposal