! 2018 Jacob C. Online Journal

 March 21: So my project started with a very rough start. I had to install a program named Raspbian and NOOBS on a sd card for a Raspberry Pi 3. I had errors starting off because of the program not copying over to my sd card. I asked the other Raspberry Pi users in the class for help, but they were already starting with their own project. I had to get Mr Hallihan to help by getting both NOOBS and Raspbian on when I had to go at the end of class. After that happened, I finally opened it and I got to download Recalbox. Recalbox is the software that I use to load up emulators and ROMs on the Raspberry Pi. I had errors with the screen at first, but I connected the Raspberry Pi to the large T.V. in the room and it started working. 


March 20: Project Proposal