! 2018 Touch interactive painting

Project Proposal

May 7 2018


This past month I have been working on a touch interactive painting. This project has been going pretty well, I learned how to use Makey Makey and I learned how to solder. My project is almost completed I have it painted on the canvas and I have soldered the wires onto the copper tape to make the painting touch interactive and it works pretty well. I didn’t have very many problems throughout this past month I haven’t really ran into any major problems, but in the beginning I didn’t have the conductive paint that I needed to get the painting touch interactive, so I had to improvise and find a different way to make the painting touch interactive. To solve this problem I use copper tape with wires soldered to it to make it touch interactive. It’s not exactly what I had wanted but it still has the same effect as what it would have with the conductive paint. Another problem I had was that when I had put the solder on the copper tape it didn’t stick very well so I had used soldering Paste Flux and it made the solder stick better to the tape. Even though I had I had the flux on the tape the solder still fell off so I had to use an electric soldering gun and bigger solder to get it stick better.  Another thing I found was that one piece of tape was falling off because of the solder, so I had to use more than one piece of tape. Other than these problems everything has been going pretty well and the painting works. I think it would be pretty cool if I could put led lights in my painting to make it have something other then just sounds to the painting.