! 2018noahsgreenhouseprojects

1.) http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/gallery/greenhousepics

2.) http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/document/pp2noah

-> For my second project i have been working on making hydroponic systems to obvioulsy sopmeday grow plants in them. i had just recently finished both of the sytens which took me a good 2 weeks. im am hoping to need a pump to fluxuate all the water threw both of the sytems.i have also just recently moved the plants into one of the sytems i finished and hopefully soon we can get the pump hooked up and running so we can get the plants grwoing. i have also been looking a 3dponics a good way top get parts and supplies for what i need and its free how much better can that get. last but not least i might also be making something to hold solar panels so they can be outside and not get wet.