!!!!3d Printing J&C

Online Journal #3 Dec 22 Charlie printed a ps4 controller charging station that he ingraved with his name but some of it didnt print and a part of it fell off. After that we started our neo pixle bracelet, the print was to small so we made it bigger for our wrist. We started soldering LED light strips together so it can go into the bracelet and light up. We soldered the light stip three times before we got it right and started putting the bracelet together.

Charlies Ps4 controller stand

Neo bracelet pictures.


Online Journal #2 Dec 4- Charlie printed out our braclete but messed it up becuse it was to small so we printed out another one and it fit our wrist. We never worked on the wireing on the inside yet for it light up. I was making a tims card for lance that he can use. I also designed a Playstaion VR move controller docking staion and charging staion that I started printing to what it says its going to take 10hours which we have a time lapse video recording it.

Ps Move stand pistures

PS4 Vr move docking station time lapse video


project propsal#2