!! Vinyl Cutting 2017

Journal 2: Denver and I have been working on the sings for the shop for a little while now. While working we ran into some difficulty with the blade on the cutter. It was beginning to get dule and we didn't know what to do. So with Mr. Hallihans help he showed us how to use ratchet blade. Which is a setting on the vinyl sowftwaer. I also started doing side projects for teachers, I made a water bottle for Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Mac. Then I haelped Mrs. Simpson make a christmas gift for her mother. Everything went very smoothly other than some measurments were off so I had to reprint. For the Last two weeks we plan on finishing the last couple sings and makig our summary video. You can see all pictures below.



Journal 1: To start off Denver and I were asked to make some signs for the shop at the school. We have made a couple prototypes and have our design. We have to cut our plastic board that we will put the design on, which is the school logo and it reads no parking. We also have been asked to make some hockey jersey for a local team out of Renous. We have a design ready and are waiting to get started because we need to finish the signs first. Some problems we have ran into were the school logo is very hard to make so we had to go with an easier route. We also had to make the signs a little bit smaller. Other than that we’re on the right track.