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Posted: October 3, 2019

What is something that symbolizes you? Choose your symbol and provide an explanation as to why this is your symbol. You should have an illustration of your symbol as well as a half page explanation. This is due Friday. Be prepared to present your symbol to the class.

Posted: October 3, 2019

Picture day is this Tuesday, October 8. They will take place during your Langauge Arts classes.

Posted: September 27, 2019

Please ensure that you have a general topic prepared for Monday's class, as we will be working on pre-writing strategies that class. 

Posted: October 19, 2012

This week we focused on two short stories: Persephone and Charles. These stories allowed us to focus on basic elements of a short story (plot, character, setting, theme, point of view, irony, and conflict). For next week please make sure that you have read both of these stories as we will be moving on to new stories.   An understanding of the above mentioned terms will be essential for next week's lessons. If you do not feel comforatable with them please take the time to research their definitions as well as examples over the weekend.

Posted: October 11, 2012

Here are the last two articles of the week.

Posted: October 2, 2012

Universal Truths- Explain them in detail- Compare Faulkner and Richards' view on them - are they the same?- What are your opinions on these truths and how the writers discuss them? MLK Dream- What was it?- Did he achieve what he wanted to?- What are some examples of what he wants in his dream? Nobel Prizes- Who of our speakers won them?- What did they have to say about their award? How did they feel about winning it?- Why did they win?- Compare the speeches- What is your opinion of the two speeches? The Writing- What techniques did the writers use to make their speeches effective?- Were they easy or difficult to understand?- Discuss vocabulary in the speeches- What 'literary devices' were used in the speeches (metaphor, imagery, allusion, repetition, etc)- Why were these devices used - were they effective?

Posted: October 1, 2012

1) What was the most important piece? 3 examples to support your answer. 2) What was the most emotional piece? 3 Examples to support your answer. 3) What was the least important piece? 3 Examples to support your answer. 4) List the similarities between the pieces that we have covered. 5) List the differences between the pieces that we have covered. 6) Give one example for each of the pieces showing how it still has some relevance to you.

Posted: September 25, 2012

Students are able to access the speeches covered in class under my weblinks section. So far we have covered Martin Luther King and William Faulkner.

Posted: September 25, 2012

Value: 25 MarksYour presentation must include:8 SlidesThe first slide must be a title page with movie title, famous actors, a picture, your name.10 reasons why you believe this is the greatest movie ever.50 words on the background of the movie50 words on the history of one of the actors2 critic's reviews on the filmThe actual rating of the movie as well as what content is in it.A link to the trailer on Youtube6 Pictures

Posted: December 9, 2011

  Chapter 1 1) What do you think the purpose of the introduction is? 2) How might this have some relevance to the people of Brennan Siding 3) Why is Shad so sad at the beginning of the chapter? What are his thoughts fixated on? 4) What did the boys catch in their net? 5) Explain the confusion at the end of the chapter. What happened and what did the characters think happened? 6) Why is Lillian Wallace so troubled? 7) On a separate page keep a record of the Tasmanian Story. Chapter 2   1) Describe Shad's parents. Give 2 or 3 character traits for each one and give references to the text. 2) What are they fighting about? 3) Describe Shad's outfit and appearance in detail. Who is he trying to look like? 4) Why are Dryfly and Lillian breaking up? 5) What makes Dry feel better? Chapter 3   1) Explain Hilda Porter's concerns. 2) Why is Dryfly concerned for the baby his mother will have? Do you agree with him? Explain. 3) List two positive things that happen to Dryfly in the chapter. 4) Do you think Dry will take Bill up on his offer? Why/why not?   Chatper 4 1) What has changed at Shirley's house since Nutbeam has come to live there? 2) Why are Dry and his mother worrying about him working for Bill?   3) Hilda gives more information on Tasmania. Write it on your page set aside for this. Chapter 5   1) Explain what Hilda Porter does about her "man" Dilemma. 2) Lindon Tucker hears a bird that he can't identify. Is it the first time he heard it? Where did he here it before? What does the bird symbolize?   3) Sum up in a short paragraph what Dryfly thinks of the American influence on Canada (make at least 5 points). Chapter 6   2) What is the point of Lillian's letter to Dry? 3) What effect does John Kaston's vision have on you as a reader? 4) Describe the "evil presence" in this chapter. What are the signs? 5) Hilda Tells her story again. Write the new facts on your seperate page.   6) How is Shad changing his style? Why?      

Posted: October 5, 2011

1. What are the conflicts in this story? Briefly explain each conflict as it occurs within the story. 2. How does the setting enable the story’s action and conflict? 3. How does the sniper’s specific location shape his decisions? 4. Cite three examples (direct quotes) where O’Flaherty uses words and images to reinforce the pervasiveness of death in the story.  5. Cite three examples where O’Flaherty uses words that are onomatopoeic. Remember that words that are onomatopoeic are words that vocally imitate the sounds they denote (ex: bang).  6. O’Flaherty uses specific language and words to describe both shooting scenes. Explain how his word choice integrates/reinforces the emotions of the sniper. Be sure to use textual examples to support your answer.  7. Do you think that O’Flaherty wants us to think of the sniper’s "brother" only as his familial, or blood brother? Explain.

Posted: September 27, 2011

This Assignment will be due this coming Monday, October 3. It should be 1 page in length. The main criteria for the fable are as follows: - It must be designed to teach a lesson (moral) and it must have animals as the main characters. - Tomorrow we will work on the writing process and first drafting. - Thursday we will revise our drafts and edit other's works. - Friday will be an exploration of other fables and final editing   There are three main aspects to focus on: 1) Characters: they should be animals, have names, and you should have a protagonist and an antagonist. 2) Setting: you should have a clearly set setting. Times and places are essential 3) Plot: make sure that you map out a plot that revolves around teaching your lesson. We will go over plot maps Wednesday.