Local Scholarships and Bursaries/M Award

Posted: April 29, 2020

Attached is the application form.  The first two pages detail the local scholarships and bursaries available.  While many of the scholarships and bursaries have specific criteria, many do not.  If they do not have criteria, please be sure to apply for them. The application form must be completed fully.  At the bottom of the page are 27 numbers which correspond to each of the scholarships and bursaries on the previous two pages.  Please underline or highlight each of the scholarships and bursaries you are applying for.  The M Awards application is at the end.  If you have been involved in extra-curricular activities, sports, or any aspect of student life please fill out this section as well.  If you have already sent Ms. O'Donnell a copy of your acceptance letter she does not need another one.  The same goes for other scholarships and bursaries you have received.  However, if you have yet to send Ms. O'Donnell these documents they must be received in order to qualify for these scholarships and bursaries.  The deadline is Friday, May 22nd, 2020 for them to be emailed to Melissa.odonnell@nbed.nb.ca.